Coping with DDD.

It is an achievement to cope with Depersonalisation Derealisation Disorder and its ramifications. You may  be:

     Exhausted in a daily effort to interact and experience where you are, as DDD resists emotional affinity with anything.
     Confronted by existential implications, yet rationing any awareness to mundanities.
     Depressed by the absences of DDD, tried by its contradictions.
     Isolated and socially compromised by it, despite your insight and adaptations.
     Knowing DDD is of you but resenting its impassive continuance.

Meanwhile, your significant struggle with invisible DDD may be admired by some but not valued by others. Some see how far you get, not how far you have 'travelled'.  DDD is obscure and unknown to most people, I find (though many are intrigued). Those who do believe in you and know who you are without DPRD, are so important, in my case mainly my mother.

It helps to know what DDD is, that it is not progressive, and if it had once been a needed defence that it is no longer.

My own (aspirational) path also includes:

     Still interacting to sustain basics and situations, but not intolerably worsening DDD.
     Maintaining activities even as they are ‘not happening’. (Abandoning them is on the side of oblivion  - not good).
     Resting as needed from my depersonalisation-derealisation, without it being avoidance.
     Managing any anxiety caused by DDD, not letting it cause more depersonalisation.
     Prevailing despite DDD with vigilance but not letting structure distance emotion  more (then needing more vigilance).
     Keeping to a healthy diet.
     Not aggravating my DDD (e.g. I avoid caffeine and fluorescent lights). 
     Since I know what is real, trusting that. Emotional doubtfulness was a door to other problems.
     Remembering to focus away from depersonalisation, noticing the good in the world, even if it is poignant not to feel it.
     Avoiding vicious circles by always recognising the dynamics of my DDD.

In this website, I have tried to communicate what DDD is like but show how personal truth remains intact. DDD could also be a mire of self observation, solipsistic notions and a (needless) fear of annihilation by it, but there are other, healthier perspectives, other directions of travel, and with more interest in DDD I hope further ways to facilitate escaping it.

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